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Darn software

2017-02-13 14:11:24 by Difference

If you've noticed why I haven't been uploading, it's because of the software. It just randomly stopped working for no reason whatsoever, and it didn't tell that the reason why anyway... I'm thinking about trying out stuff like Frooty Loops, and I have VirtualDJ, but I need to get a license for the board that I'm not making any money off of (-_-) If you feel you could help in anyway (pls no money, I'd just spend it immediately. I suck at saving), mainly just tips on other software and stuff, so yeah :P thx for reading

I will probably be making a lot of short songs, mainly because im too lazy to make a full length one. Plus, I don't know how, but my new song Smiles became my favorite song. I've listened to it on loop almost all evening. Especially the CHhh. CH CH CH hahaha. And please, if anybody think they can sing to this (which I can't haha) I'll make a version for you to try. Thanks!


My first song ever has been uploaded! It uses MAGIX Music Maker software, but they specifically state that this specific software you are allowed to upload to here if you do not use it for anything commercial. The name is Mojo, and it is under Drum and Bass. I am so excited and remember, this is my first song ever made in my whole life, so it might not be super good haha. Please check it out!


Might be making music soon

2016-04-27 13:54:46 by Difference

I might be getting the MIDI Synthesia Piano soon, so I might be making music. It will be under "Solo Instrument" or something of the like.

You guys need to cheer up.

2016-04-20 08:24:48 by Difference

I am sure just about no one is reading this, but I do it anyway to get it out of my system. There are so many people on Newgrounds that are sad with what they do. BOULLIE is the opposite. He makes music and doesn't care about how bad it might sound, because I think that he knows that there are people out there who might like it. Not "Oh this song that I made sounds so weird. I don't like it" so he doesn't upload it, then that adds weight to his/her shoulders. I just hope that everyone reading this, and people who aren't, feel as if they do mean something, anything, to the world and it's people.

Your Friend,