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Help with newgrounds

2018-01-17 11:38:49 by Difference

Hello! Does anyone know if I can upload DJ mixes on here? I'm curious because I have uploaded a couple mixes on soundcloud (link here: and I remembered that newgrounds doesn't have a limit on the length of what you upload. I know you can't upload other people's songs on here, but the stuff I do is a mix of other people music, not my own, so that's why I am asking. Thanks!


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2018-01-17 11:44:11

Mixes are not allowed, you can find more info here -

Difference responds:

Even if they are free songs, and I put in a tracklist? It seems like they are talking about copyright issues, but a lot of the stuff I used is free and/or released free by the producer and/or label that released it. Thanks though


2018-01-17 12:58:20

It's not just to do with copyright AFAIK, @PancakePocket, @Difference...

If you submit something to Newgrounds, it automatically lists you as the author, i.e. the one who composed the song in the first place, or remixed it. If you had a way to cite the original composer, great, but you'd truly be considered an author if you actually made your own song or your own version of someone else's song.

Therein lies the problem. You can't really be an author of a song if all you're doing is taking it and mashing it up with another song you didn't compose. It's not just a matter of copyright, it's also a matter of principle.

Difference responds:

Thank you! Until I get better at using FL Studios and/or Reason I'm not going to be able to upload anything basically. Thanks for telling me!


2018-01-17 13:03:10

@Troisnyx I know! I PMd him that just a couple minutes ago! XD